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Flubot scam affecting some Android users


What is Flubot scam?


  • The Flubot scam is a text message scam that can infect Android phones on any mobile or fixed network. An SMS purporting to be from a courier service asks users to install a tracking app through a link which is a piece of spyware. If a user clicks the link and installs the app, the spyware will take over the device and send infected texts to the user’s contacts. We have also had reports of customers receiving an SMS claiming that the customer has a voicemail and asks the user to install a link which is a piece of spyware.


What to do if you receive either SMS:


  • Do not click on the link in the SMS
  • Do not respond to the SMS
  • Report the SMS to
  • Delete the SMS as soon as possible


If you are expecting a delivery from a courier service, visit the official website of that courier to track your delivery.


If your Android device has been infected, the only way to remove the spyware is to perform a full factory reset. Unfortunately, this will erase all data, including photos, texts and apps from your phone, which you won’t be able to retrieve. We do not recommend performing a back-up before the factory reset as this will also back up the spyware.


Apple devices are not affected.