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How to reduce monthly account as we are Pensioners

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We need to reuce our TPG costs.  We had the NBN12 M bundle  for $49.99 a month and we had our mobiles with Aldi which were costing us $30 a month but we found that we had top ups of  over $20 a month on or home phone usage. We moved to NBN12 SL Bundle for $59.99 a month  but found we were still not covering Home Phone usage so we added th Oz Talk Bundle at an extra 10 per month.  We switched our mobiles to TPG and the cheapest we could get was $20 each per month.

Can we reuce our monthly cost which is now $69.99  plus $40 for mobiles.

We may have to get rid of one Mobile or the Home Phone or both.  Is there anything you can suggest?

Len Maycock


Hi @lenmayco1


We'd like to check on what's available for you.

Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.