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IMAP account email address forgotten.

Level 3

About 3 to 4 days ago i purchased an IMAP account. I wrote down my email addresss and seemingly immediately lost it. Who do I ask what I registered?

Should I expect an email telling me the account has been established? I had the impression it would only take about 2 days to establish my IMAP account.

Would someone please point me towards instructions on how to check my IMAP emails via the web. I thought all i had to do was check my emails via Outlook (which i now use) and all emails would appear.

I think I'm getting confused :-(


Hi @akj0barakat


We usually send out email confirmation once an account has been activated.

It will be sent to the email address linked to the account.


If you don't remember the IMAP mail address, could you send me a PM with your mobile number and name for us to search for it?