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Incorrect charge after moving home

Level 2

I moved home in September, but I am still being charged for my old plan as 'NBN FTTB 50' which is $74.99. 

As per my current plan and address, my plan is 'TPG FTTB' and charge is $59.99. 


I have been talking to multiple customer care representatives and they don't unerstand what it is and they even disconnect the call saying I will receive emails but I have never received any email yet. One of the worst customer service I have received. Not sure how much they know about the products and tools. 

If I see my call history with TPG in the last few months, it will be so many hours but still I get the invoice with old plan. 


Not sure what I need to do further to address this issue. 


Hi @allwin28


We'd be glad to get to the bottom of this. Please PM us with the TPG details so we can check further on our end. 




Level 2

Customer: XXXXXX

Account number: XXXXXX

Plan charge: $59.99 


But still being charged $74.99 which is the charge of old address.