Money laundering

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As far as I'm concern debiting money from an account out of the billing cycle and profiting from it is a form of money laundering. and when you don't want to give a reason for the debit that really F**k You! attitude


Hi @2731346


We note that you are frustrated in regards to the $1 debit on the account. (previous post)


We noticed that the Credit card was updated on the same day that we debited $1 on the account.


That is the $1 test charge. This debit is to confirm with your financial institution that the card number and CVC are correct. The amount received is credited to your TPG account, which will be used for future payment.


The information is posted before you upgrade your credit card details. Also, we've created an article about it here.




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Money laundering is a serious crime, with both federal and state laws in place to combat it. If what you've experienced indeed resembles money laundering, it's definitely not something to be taken lightly.
You might want to consult Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Lawyers to get a better grasp of your situation. Their website provides some useful insights into AML compliance and could help you understand the regulatory landscape and your rights.
Given that this thread is already 3 years old, I'm curious if you took any action at the time and what the outcome was. Laws change, and so do enforcement tactics, but your experience could be instructive for the rest of us navigating these complex issues today.

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Money laundering? $1! How absurd.