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Moving house FTTB M Bundle plan

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I have a FTTB M Bundle plan and I am moving to a new house with NBN installed in 3 weeks.
It doesn't seem possible to change location facility for FTTB customers to NBN according to the website, is it true?
Can I change the ownership of my FTTB M Bandle plan to the new tenant because the form "Change_of_Ownership_Form.pdf" seems to only apply to ADSL2+ with Home Phone Bundle and NBN Bundles?
Can I order a new NBN Bundle plan for my new house at the same time as my current FTTB plan?
Does the change cost anything?


Thank you.


Hi Mickael, 


Welcome to TPG Community! 


I've located your account using your Community details. 


I can see that your current service is on TPG Fibre To The Building (FTTB). This is delivered completely by TPG (bypassing NBN and Telstra), connecting directly to TPG’s massive national and international internet and voice network. This is only available in selected buildings and is different from NBN services. You may visit this link to know more between the two. 


On the other hand, yes, you may still use that form. There's two ways we can help you change ownership of your account. 

  1. Have yourself and the new account holder fill in and sign the Change of Ownership form at here.
  2. Contact Customer Service on 131423 (option 3, then option 1) and we can process if for you by phone. We'll need both you and the account holder to agree to the change and some terms; this can be done on the same call or we can call the new account holder separately.

Any existing contract on the account will be continued after the change of ownership, so if you're currently outside contract, it will remain this way for the new account holder.


Furthermore, in order for us to provide a detailed response, are you able to provide us your complete address in your new house?


For your reference, you may visit this link on how to send a PM


Thank you. 


Hi Mickael


Thanks for your query! We certainly can process an NBN order on your new address while you are organizing a change of ownership on your current plan. 

Currently, we don't offer discounts to our customers but we believe our products represent terrific value for money and perform at a very high standard. We are confident that our high customer satisfaction rating and product performance speaks for itself. 


Feel free to let us know should you have further queries.