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NBN cancellation questions

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Hi there

We have considered and switched the provider here about 1 or 2 weeks ago due to unstable network and lower bandwidth expected. Yesterday I received a payment inform that I was charged a lower fee than normal monthly fee, then I called the customer-service for checking but said it's monthly fee as my network is still active. Finally I turned to your cancellation team to cancel the service (submitted by web yesterday). Here are the confusions:


Q1 I understand due to my service remain active, so I may be charged for next month, but why I am charged earlier than the end of billing cycle( 7th of april)?

Q2 Your team sent me the email (12nd March) that due to bandwidth cannot reach expectation, I can turn to other plan or other provider without fee within 10 days but a refund of $20 after 10 days, does it still works?

Q3 I notice there is 30 days' cancellation notice prior to cancellation date should be sent to you or I will still be charged monthly fee. But it's not logically acceptable that I should submit a cancellation notice before I signed up to TPG NBN. 

Q4 Today I received a TPG phone call but voice was not clear, I state I need to cancel the service and she said will send an email to me but not received actually, will my cancellation still go on?


Thanks for reading the message.



Hi @luyangjokers21,


When you are outside contract, you can cancel the account without any termination fees. However, you are required to provide us at least 30 days notice and the service has to be paid up to the end of the notice period.


Your account will remain active and charges will continue as normal until your written cancellation notice is received.


Please send your Customer ID/username via private message so we can have an Accounts specialist to assist with your concern(s).