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NBN service cancel and early termination fee - wrong

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I have been advised by a retention specialist to contact cancelation team regarding my request.


We were in a no-lock in contract with TPG NBN bundle service since September 2018.


Last month (21/02/19) we moved to another NBN service provider and it was confirmed by them that this change over will be notified to TPG. 


Recently (05/03/19), I contacted TPG to confirm termination of any future direct debit with account details following the cancellation request. Please note, last bill was drawn out from my bank account on the 25th FEB 2019.


Since my last email there were multiple phone conversations between TPG and my partner and today with myself (Date: 07/03/19 at 07:19PM, Ref: 9269177) regarding this request.


Unfortunately, none of those phone conversations could solve this simple, straight forward request. Instead we both are now confused because what was told by the operators. Different people are talking about different amount of notice period to be served (‘Terms & Conditions’ - Two weeks/30 days) before cancellation.


We are puzzled because at the time of this service request there was no mention of notice period in written or verbally. All the correspondences I received from TPG is about the progress of installation, monthly fees, contract type (No Lock-in Contract), CSG waiver and nbn_fttn_B02.pdf files. But none of them have mentioned or indicated anywhere that we would be required to give minimum notice to TPG for cancellation.


So, I requested for this copy of Terms & Condition and received email from Patty (Retention Specialist) on the same day (07/03/19 at 07:48PM). He quoted clause 8. MINIMUM CONTRACT PERIOD on his email and provided me a link which I followed and downloaded the ‘Service Description and Terms – NBN’ from TPG website. However, still no luck of understanding why I am supposed to give notice period because my service with TPG is/was ‘NO LOCK-IN CONTRACT’.


Now, I am hoping somebody from TPG would be able to help me out with this cancellation request and settle my account accordingly.


Please do not waste my time by asking for another prolong make no sense phone conversation. I already have left TPG because of their poor services!




Hi @anmmazharul,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We regret to hear that you've decided to cancel your TPG service.


We've reviewed the account and will notify our Accounts team to assess the account to refund any unused portion. They'll be in touch via phone call or E-mail with the updates.


Kind regards,


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Hi BasilDV,

Thank you for following up.

I missed a call from TPG yesterday. I believe it was the accounts team wanted to discuss about the refund for unused portion.

They should have all the information by now and be able to calculate amount to be refunded.

It would be great if they could contact me in writing with refundable amount and method of reimbursement.

If any issue I will sure get back to the contact person as would advised.


Hi @anmmazharul


We will forward your preferred contact method to our Accounts team.



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Could please confirm how long it will take for Accounts team to finalize and settle my account. Did they not have received my contact details yet?

It’s like TPG never solve issues in a simple efficient way. So disappointed....

Hi @anmmazharul, we can see that one of our account specialists has been in touch via email and provided a resolution to the concerns you have raised.


It was sent last Monday, 11/March/2019 around 12PM.


Kindly check your email.


Should you have further queries, please let us know. Thank you.

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Hi Riezl,

Thank for prompt response. Found the email in junk box. I’ve replied on this resolution offered.


Good to hear, @anmmazharul


Should you require any additional assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know.