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Ongoing billing issue

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There seems to be some confusion over a very simple billing issue I am having with TPG so here it is as simple as I can make it:


Late last year we had a terrible ADSL connection that kept dropping out and delivering a weak signal. On the 11thJanuary this year a Telstra tech came to swap the lines for the connection in our house. At that point the signal became worse and unusable.


TPG said they would give me a billing adjustment of 45days to compensate for the poor connection LEADING UP TO 11thJan.


So that is the 45day billing adjustment TPG have already given me – covering the period BEFORE 11THJan.


Speaking to TPG the next day I asked them to stop billing me until the connection was fixed. I was told that I would continue to be billed and after the issue was fixed there would be a further billing adjustment made (the one I am asking for now) to compensate for having no ADSL connection.


I continued to receive NO INTERNET from Jan 11thuntil NBN connected me on the 27thFeb.


I am now asking for the additional billing adjustment TPG told me I would get for the period that TPG continued to bill me even though I had no internet connection – that period is from January 11thto February 27th- 47days.


As I said I had NO INTERNET at all this year until NBN connected me on the 27thFeb so the total billing adjustment (92 days) needs to be applied AFTER I was reconnected on Feb 27th. (TPG billed me on Feb 28thso the billing adjustment will now commence on 4thApril)


  1. 45day billing adjustment already approved for the period LEADING UP TO Jan 11th.


  1. A further billing adjustment is required for the period of Jan 11thto Feb 28th.


  1. Billing adjustment will commence on April 4th.


You can verify all these facts from my file so there should be no confusion and no need to call me to “discuss” the issue.


Simply issue a further billing adjustment for the period Jan 11thto Feb 27thwhen I was receiving no internet but continued to be charged.



Simon Telfer.




Hi @simonandnick,


We'll raise this with our Accounts team for further assessment.


We'll provide you with the updates once available.


Kind regards,



Hi @simonandnick


We've seen that our Engineers tried to contact your mobile however number is unreachable. Should you have a preferred time and number of contact, please let us know. Thank you.

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My phone and usual number works fine. I am free to take a call today.


Hi @simonandnick,


We appreciate the notification, we'd like to ensure that we'll call you on your available time. Are you available for a  call back tomorrow [March 14, 2019]?  Should you have a preferred time, please let us and we'll get in touch. Thank you. 

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I am flat out the next two days but I am free on Saturday.


Are you available for a call back between 10am to 12noon on Saturday? 


Hi @simonandnick,


Our Engineering team was trying to call you today to no avail.


Do you have any preferred time and best number for them to try again?


Kind regards,


Level 3

Well they aren't trying very hard, your call centre managed to call me 2 hours ago!


And that was a total waste of time as the poor call centre person had no information regarding the issues I have raised both in this community and in my emails to accounts dept.


Why is no one listening to me? 


It's really quite simple: I am owed an ADDITIONAL billing adjustment in compensation for the period between Jan 11th and Feb 27th. 


I was billied by TPG during this period yet the line was damaged and our maximum download speed was unusable (0.02Mbps)


That is on top of the billing adjustment I already have to cover the period previous to Jan 11th when I had bad connection problems.


I am sitting by my phone waiting this afternoon if your engineering team want to call me. Perhaps they have the information YOU need to address my issue.




Please make sure whoever calls me has the facts from my file:

1. what period is my current billing adjustment compensation for? (ie: Nov? Dec? Jan?)

2. What service did TPG provide to me between Jan 11th and Feb 27th? (ie: none!)






Hi @simonandnick,


Our Technical escalations/Engineering team was able to contact you and was advised that this case will be for further assessment.


A call back was scheduled on Monday for further discussion with the assigned Engineer.


We will keep a close eye on your case and will provide updates once available.


Kind regards,