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Payment issue

Level 3

I received an email from TPG today (20 August 2019) stating the following:


Dear Customer ,  

                We were unable to automatically pay your last invoice due to a problem with your current payment method.

We will make additional attempts to process your renewal, but your service may be interrupted.

To avoid a delay in your service.

Update your payment now


Please note that payment was processed by my bank on 15 August 2019.

There has been no change made to my method of payment and it should have been received by TPG.

Can you please amend your records as soon as possible.



Steve Marlor


Hi @Pinky300 


Not unless you have a 2nd account that we need to look into, I'm currently unable to find any record of an email that we sent you regarding a payment issue. Can you send me a PM with a screenshot of the email message (including the header) just to be certain if this was a legitimate email?



Level 2
I want to change my card details

Hi @ceby0007,


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For modifying and or checking any account related information, you may find the below Community articles helpful:


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