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I’ll just preface this post by letting you know that 5 separate complaints have been lodged with the TIO in relation to this issue.
I would like an explanation for your blatant and clear disregard of the Telecommunications Act.
I have ported out 5 mobile numbers from your service, and I understand (although vehemently disagree with the reasoning) an $11 charge per number ported for some numpty in a foreign country to spend all that time pressing the enter button, so that I may do what I like with my own numbers, BUT, what I would like a clear and concise response for is:
Why do you think it is perfectly legal to charge as a prepaid service then, keep The unused charges (in this case, the whole month) and then have the audacity to charge a port out fee on top of that? This is corporate greed at its finest.
As I have already submitted numerous complaints to the ombudsman, in relation to this matter, i am hereby demanding a refund in full for any and all unused charges on my account prorated daily.

Hi @Jae-2409,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We have located an account using your community details.


We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing you and we'd like to help get to the bottom of this.


We have escalated the issue to our Complaints Resolution Team and a case manager will be in touch via email or a phone call on Monday, 25/March/2019 to further discuss the matter.


Should you have a preferred contact number and email address, please send it via PM. Thank you.


Hi @Jae-2409


One of our Case Managers has tried contacting you via phone call today to no avail. 


The officer has sent you an email instead today in which you can directly send a reply to should you have further queries or has concerns you wish to raise.