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Reimbursement takes long time

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My mobile number was transfered to another provider last Monday, but get charged for a new billing cicle. 


I called and get through to talk with TPG staff after staying on call for 1 hour per call. Last week a staff told me the deposit and new monthly charges will be reimbursed into my TPG account within 24- 48 hours. Howerver, when i called today, it turns out no progress was made at all and staff only requested to reimburse the deposit. it has been one week. How difficult to get reimbursed. 


Funny thing is TPG instantly chage $11 for transfering number to another provider. How quickly they charge your money. 




Hi @cloud ,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to retrieve your account using your community details and we're sorry to read that this has been your experience.


We've managed to check your account and can confirm that your request to reverse the mobile renewal fee and unused portion of the mobile phone prepayment are now in progress. We'll be asking our Senior Mobile Accounts Team to expedite the processing, so we can refund the fees involved the soonest time.


Moreover, we'll have one of our Mobile Specialist to contact you via call or email for further updates.


Let us know if you require further assistance.


Best regards,

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Just to update. TPG staff has been very kind to call me and try to solve the problem. They have fast track the reimbursement. they act very professionally. Appreciate a lot. 


I will then update when the reimbursement goes into my credit card. 


Hi @cloud,


We're glad that you have been in contact with one of our Account Specialists Team, we'll keep an eye on this case. Updates will be provided when it becomes available.


Cheers! Smiley Happy