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Request for TPG to offer bill payment via Centrepay, for those receiving government payments

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Hi everyone,

I recently suggested, via Twitter, that TPG consider offering Centrepay as an option for paying bills, in addition to direct debit & credit card, to make it easier for those receiving government payments to keep on top of their bills with the company. My billing period is almost constantly out of sync with my disability pension payments being received into my bank account, & my automatic bill payments are made using my debit MasterCard, so if there's no money in my bank, the payment is rejected. As anyone on the pension or other government payments knows, having money is unlikely unless it's on or just after payday. The incessant emails & text messages regarding the missed payment are a regular stressor which reminds me that I'm at risk of disconnection until I pay the bill, but I am unable to do that until I get paid next. However, if the payment was made via Centrepay, it would be done when my payments are processed, & wouldn't be attempted when I have no money, while still guaranteeing TPG the money its owed without having to nag about it.

For those not familiar with Centrepay, it's a free, voluntary service allowing those receiving government payments to pay bills and expenses as regular deductions from your Centrelink payment. Full details available here: . It offers an alternative to direct debit payments that may be affected by holiday dates, etc. which change the date of payment, resulting in missed bills, stress, inconvenience, & potential account issues with companies. I've only recently started using it for most of my bills, & it's so much more convenient, I think it's fantastic!

I thought I'd share this here, to gauge whether others would be interested in using this payment method if it were available, & if so, TPG may be compelled to sign up for Centrepay as I've suggested (they can do so here: When searching the list of businesses who offer Centrepay, there's already a number of other telecommunications companies on board, so it would be a smart choice to remain competitive in the market, so that's another plus for the company to consider, as well as its customer satisfaction level.

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I Absolutely agree with this idea that TPG should allow for Centrelink Centerpay options, as I do with with my Telstra landline account. Since I'm considering taking up a new phoneline acct with TPG this would be a brilliant way to take the stress and worry out of paying bills given that I receive a Gov't old age pension.  At this time I have a set amount taken out of my pension and transferred directly to my Telstra phone acct and am always in Credit as a result.  When I get too far ahead I simply stop my deductions so that I can catch up with simple and TPG should allow for this especially with their new rules around bundles etc where pensioners like me will be forced to have both my landline and internet from the one provider with NBN etc..

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Thanks @leansey - good to know Centrepay is easier & less stressful for you too. I appreciate your support, thanks for taking the time to respond to this. ☺️
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No needs to be said and the more of us who say something the more TPG will be likely to care enough to make this change.  It would benefit them as well given that their bills will be paid more promptly and folks like me on pensions or limited incomes will be more likely to go with TPG as a result.  After all they're offering a fairly decent bundle when the NBN starts so why not go that one step further?  I've aleady spoken to them about this when making equiries about the NBN and was told that they have already had similar come on TPG.....just do it and in the process keep your customers satisfied and prove that you're the best in Australia!

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Hi @leansey and @LustStarrr,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for the feedback.

I understand the Centrepay system definitely makes it easier for you guys to manage your payments.

At this point we don't offer the service, but we are always looking at improving our customers experience with us.

At this point my best advice as an alternative is you can change your billing cycle so that your payment can come out on a specific day.

E.g centre link payment come's in on the 1st of the month. We can change the date TPG take's the money out for payment on the 2nd of the month.

Our customer service team can organise this on 131423 option 3 then 1

Hope that helps.




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I hate to break it to you @Manuel, but changing the day of the month the payment is direct-debited doesn't help all that much when we're paid fortnightly by the government.  It'll still fall out of sync on a fairly regular basis, due to the differing days in the month vs. days in the fortnight issue. . . 

Is there any way I can speak to your financial hardship division, please?  Either by email or phone is fine.