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My Customer ID is *******.  I have submitted the cancellation request on 12/12/2019 but I did not receive any response so far.

I want to cancel my plan as soon as possible. I don't want to be charged again in January.

I know that I have to pay fees if I choose to have my cancellation processed on a date prior to the 30 day notice period, can you send me an email to tell me how to pay it?

I am not in Australia now Please contact me via email.


Hi @qinyuchen ,

Welcome to TPG Community!


We've deleted your recent comment with your customer ID. Please avoid the posting of personal details on the public page e.g. customer ID, telephone numbers and similar pieces of information as they may compromise your account security.


We've sent a follow up to our Accounts Team regarding your cancellation request. Do you have an alternate email address where the confirmation can be sent to? If yes, kindly private message it to us.


Thank you and best regards,



Hi @qinyuchen ,


This is to confirm that your account has been fully cancelled and we also waived the 30-day notice period. No further bill is outstanding.


Let us know should you have questions.


Best regards!