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TPG My Account for Home Wireless Broadband


This is a guide on tools to manage your TPG Home Wireless service via My Account. A secure portal that is designed access your information easy, safe and convenient.

  • Go to TPG My Account
  • Log in with your Home Wireless account number or username and your TPG account password.


My Account.jpg
















 How to Check Usage - Volume Usage


Volume Usage.jpg




 Change Plan


A. Under "Want to try a new plan?", hit the Change Plan button. 


Change Plan.jpg



B. You'll see a list of available plan options. Choose your desired plan and then click Next


Change Plan2.jpg



C. You'll see the summary of the plan change. Use the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions and then select Confirm to submit your plan change request. You'll receive an email and SMS confirmation to confirm when your order has been completed. 


Change Plan3.jpg





 Relocation - Moving Home


A. Read through the summary of terms and click the checkbox to confirm that the account holder has given permission for the move.

B. Enter your new address in the bar to check if home wireless is available.


Note: If you do not select your address from the drop-down list of auto-completed addresses, you may get a pop up asking you to confirm address details.


C. Choose Your Preferred Date of move.


D. Click on Get Started to proceed on the next step.


Moving House.jpg



E. Read through the summary of your service relocation and click on the checkbox to agree on the standard terms and conditions. Then click Confirm.


Moving House2.jpg



Note: If the new address has a different type of Home Wireless service available from the one you have, we’ll be sending you a new modem that is compatible for the new connection and you’ll need to return the other modem to us once the relocation of your new service is completed.





 About Me – My Details

The current personal information will be shown. Select Edit personal information to update your details. 


About Me.jpg




B. Edit your First name, Last name or Date of Birth as desired and click Update personal information to finish.


About Me2.jpg




C. Edit your Address, Phone, and/or Email as desired and click Update contact information to finish.


About Me3.jpg

Note: You will not be able to save your changes if the mandatory phone number field is blank. You may enter a mobile or VoIP number for this; it doesn't need to be a landline phone number. 

Contact Info.jpg



IMPORTANT: If you're updating your contact address because you're moving home, please call us or lodge a moving home request at your earliest opportunity as we'll need to arrange a relocation of your TPG services.



D. Update Password


  • · Fill out the form with your Current Password, New Password and Confirm Password. Select Change password to finish.Change Password.jpg






 About Me – Additional Contacts


To add a contact, ensure that you agree with the terms on adding an authorised person on your TPG account. Then, select Add Contact


Add Contact.jpg



Fill out all the fields, including Contact Type, Date of Birth, First name, Last name, Address, Phone and Email, then select Add additional contact.


Note: You will not be able to proceed without a valid Address for a contact. 


Add Contact2.jpg




Once the additional contacts have been created, they will be listed on the Additional Contacts page. To edit an additional contact, select Edit under Actions

Note: You can only edit the Contact Type, Address, Phone and/or Email fields. It is not possible to edit the name or birthdate of a contact. If these details were entered incorrectly, please delete the contact and add it again. 


Your Contacts.jpg







You'll see a list of all your invoices. To download an invoice as PDF, click Download Invoice PDF.

If you can't view downloaded PDF files, you'll need to install Adobe Reader on your computer, tablet or smartphone. 





IMPORTANT: The Call History is not available for Virtual Phone.


For help on understanding your billing cycle and advance monthly payments, check Understanding your TPG Mobile and Home Wireless Bill - TPG Community




 Payment Details


A. Under "Payment Method", current payment details will be shown. Select Edit Payment Method.


Payment Details.jpg



B. Select either Credit Card or Direct Debit, then fill out the required details for your selected payment method:

- Credit Card (Credit or Debit cards) requires the Name on Card, Card Number, Expiration Date and CVC. Surcharge will apply for American Express (3.02%) and Diners Club (2.75%) incl. GST of the payment amount respectively.

- Direct Debit requires a BSB, Account number, Account name, Bank Institution name and agreement to the terms and conditions of the Direct Debit Authority Agreement.


C. Click Add Card or Submit to proceed with the change request and finish. 


Payment Method.jpg



Payment Method2.jpg





 Call Forwarding (Virtual Phone)


The optional Virtual Phone is a feature-limited service that allows existing customers who switched from fixed broadband to home wireless to:


  • Forward all incoming calls to an alternative phone number of their choosing (Standard Australian landlines/mobiles only).
  • Keep their existing phone number, should they later wish to switch back to NBN, or switch to a phone service with another provider.


Making calls and all other phone features will be unavailable.


To enable/disable, just click the toggle switch to ON/OFF beside the Call Forwarding. When it is enabled, click “Edit” and enter your desired phone number in the box.

Call Forwarding.jpg


Need assistance? Feel free to call our Internet & Home Phone Customer Service at 1300 993 011.



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