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TPG - Rip off - Scammers

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I signed up for unlimited broadband with home phone. A Service representative informed me that TPG can provide the service to my residential address, (this was provided verbally and via email) and a $189 payment was processed as required by TPG to proceed with the service prior to activation.

A couple of days later I received an email from TPG stating that they were unable to provide the service to my address. No problem, I send an email requesting a refund as they were unable to provide the said service, thinking it was a no brainer, can't provide service, Refund rite - WRONG.

This is TPG's reply with an email stating:

"Thank you for your email.

We understand how you feel.

However, we are unable to waive the set-up fee as we have to cover the costs associated with this. Please be aware that TPG relies with NBN Co. who assists in making these changes and adjustments happen. Because of this, we incur a fee which we then bring forward to the customer.

Are these telcos a law to themselves or what? It's fraudulent and theft. You tell me one thing, charge me, then can't provide service and say well we will just keep the money. If it's happened to me there must be hundreds in the same boat.

Royal commission on Banks, I pray for the day there is one for telcos. I hope that day comes sooner rather than latter.

They treat us with contempt and fools.

Good luck to all.
Community Manager

Hi @Langmac66,

Welcome to the Community.

As per our conversation over the phone.

I think that all questions you had have been cleared up and the issues with your previous provider need to be cleared up before we can proceed.

We look forward to getting your install completed once they are resolved.

Thanks for your time on the phone.



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This has been promptly resolved by TPG.

Thankyou Manual for your assistance in this matter.

Please feel free to remove this post if you wish.