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TPG Took money out for Cancelled Service

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 I was living at a property in QLD (brisbane area) with 5g account. TPG automatically took out the nominated moneys for this (totally understandable) but I had to cancel the 5G account and move back to NBN as where I moved did not have 5G service :-( ..  Not a problem as I organised for NBN to be connected paid the $74.99 for my service to be connected and all was ok.  I recieved an email stating that my 5G account was deactivated and that I would receive a $54.15 would be credited to my account.  I have just now receved another invoice for my previous property and TPG have taken the credited $54.15 from my account.  Not happy.  What can be done to get back my money and sort out this mess ? 




Hi Les, 


Allow us to conduct further assessment on your old account to see as to where the credit has gone through. Send us a PM with your TPG customer ID or username and we'll take care of it.

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