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TPG FAILED to Refund me After 3 Months

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Had a phone line and NBN internet with TPG since 2022. 

Moved to my current address in Mar 2023 and booked in NBN service transfer. 

As it is a new dwelling, TPG could only book in NBN activation in 4 weeks time and offered no alternative solution.

While the bill keeps running, no service was provided for a couple of weeks and we relied on mobile network to work from home.

So eventually I had to cancel the services and move to a new service provider. 


I asked a refund of the fees we paid for no service and the customer service agreed to process the refund.

Now after 5 or 6 calls still nothing has happened.

Every time the customer service person would promise the refund will be processed in another few business days and give you a call back/email when it happens.

Of course, no refund, no email and you try to call TPC again.

Every new call you get a new excuse:

- NBN account is closed so they could not process the credit

- They tried to transfer the credit to mobile account but the order could not go through

- They transferred the credit to mobile account but did not make the payment

- They submitted the payment request but nothing happened.

- They have discussed with the account team and they would do it in another day


What a joke! You never had an issue deducting my money. 



Hi @angryuser


We'd like to check this further. Let us have your TPG username or customer ID via private message so we can get to the bottom of your concern.