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Unable to access mobile usage on new Novus system

Level 2

I have tried to go to the so-called "New" "MyAccount" page, but when I log in, always send me to the old "MyAccount" pages with "Moved to Novus" shows under my current mobile plan.


I tried to log in with my mobile number, customer number, old user name, everything I have but failed everytime. I remember I logged into the new my account page once a couples of weeks ago with my mobile number, but now it's not working.


Anyone can help please?




You can try logging in using the new customer ID for your mobile service. Check out TPG Mobile - Introduction to the new My Account.


If are still unable to log in, send us a private message with your mobile number so we can further check this one for you.



Level 2
I have similar issue, tried username, Customer ID, various phone number as I have 4 SIM Card under one single Customer ID. Can only view the topmost SIM mobile, not the other 3 account as there is no provision to select other SIM Card.