Wrong NBN service

Level 2
So when i originally signed up TPG I had chosen to go with no lock in contact . The man who i had signed up with informed me i was able to upgrade to NBN in the upcoming months and had assured me this wouldn't change my plan to being on a contract. I have just been reviewing my plan online as my service has been down for almost two days and i had infact been switched to an 18 month contract!!! This is absoloutly outrageous I was lied to and scammed by your employee this is exactly what I had been reassured wouldnt happen.

Hi emilycummins90, 


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There are 2 Contract Terms you can choose with our NBN Plans:

  • 18 months (0$ Set Up Fee)
  • No lock-In ($99.95 Set Up Fee)

I've managed to locate your account using your Community details and upon checking our records, we waived the set up fee hence the renewal of your contact.


I hope this clarifies your concern. Feel free to reach out should you still require further assistance.