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SCAM - Unable to process your payment

Level 3


Just letting you know that I have received an scam email. I will be deleting it now, but in case you wish to persue...


Originator for this one is with a Subject: "Unable to process your payment"


Body (without TPG logo): link address in email is ""


Hello, We were unable to automatically pay your last invoice due to a problem with your current payment method. We will make additional attempts to process your renewal, but your service may be interrupted. To avoid a delay in your service. update  your payment method TPG Team



Hi @snilsson


Good to know that you have deleted the said email. The link you posted is definitely not ours and we normally attach an invoice to the emails we send regarding payments. 


For those types of mail, please ensure to mark them as spam. 


For any queries or any concern regarding your account, specifically with payments, I would recommend logging on to TPG My Account ( using your TPG username & password for security. 


For your referece: TPG My Account - Accessing your account information online


Feel free to let us know should you require further assistance.