change bank detail

Level 2
i recently applied to change my plan with TPG (fromNBN to Broadband.) i understanf unused money for the month will be refund to me.
however i also canceled my previous bank account during the same time.

i tried to update my new bank detail (debit visa, but not direct debit) an error was shown. Then i tried typing in the direct debit info. I am not so sure whether it works.

I have the following requests,
1. Could you please make sure my bank detail is updated so money is not returned to the old one?
2.i read the notes on your billing page there should be no fee for a debit visa card. If yes, i prefer future payments are through my Debit visa card instead of the direct debit. Could you help it it?

Hi @a52136


We'll discuss your refund request privately and do send us a private message with the TPG customer ID or username that has a pending refund. Also, include the account details of the other account where you wish to update the payment method to Visa debit. 

How do I private message (PM) in the community