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charged for +61414121000

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Hi, Many times I have got voice mail, call waiting etc turned off with help of TPG customer service. But still getting charged for  "CallForward to VoiceMail"     WHY?

And    WHY   TPG keep eating up my Balance and then keeps topping up Automatically?

Now I am so sick of it that I am thinking of closing my Account with TPG.



Hi @rick


I believe what you are pertaining to is the Pre-payment Outside Included Value for the homephone. 


The initial $20 pre payment which is discussed during point of sale is required as the Internet and home phone Line rental bundle we are offering you today is sold as Pre-paid. As the line we are connecting will be capable of being used as a standard home phone service, the pre-payment will act as a reserve for any calls made that are not included in your bundle selection. If you choose not to make outgoing calls, then this payment will remain intact with no further payment made towards your monthly service charges.


Nonetheless, we'd like to check your account and assist you with your concern. 


Please send us your Customer ID or username via private message