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new slave email account

Level 2

Can someone step me thru how to use this new account please?   (I am not very

computer savvy) so simple worded instructions is needed.



Hello @doreen


Welcome to TPG Community! 


A Slave email is a separate account that has it's own inbox. Aside from your main TPG account, 19 more email accounts can be created. 


Please follow the steps below to create additional slaves or email accounts:

1. Log on to your TPG account by entering your TPG username and password in the "Your TPG Account" section on the home page:
2. Click on the 'Manage your email accounts' link. This is located under the section headed "Email Management."
3. Click on the link "Add Slave User," enter the desired email address and password. Please make sure to keep it within the required parameters.
4. Click "Create Account" to submit the request.


Let us know if require further assistance. 


Best regards,