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4G/5G backup for NBN broadband account

Level 3

This is a general inquiry.  I have had a TPG NBN broadband (and phone bundle) account for my laptop for some years, and am happy with it.  Now and then it cuts out for various reasons (NBN maintenance, occasional faults etc).
When there is an interruption to service is there a backup way to switch the laptop settings to access the TPG 4G/5G network temporarily, and if not, can it be provided to subscribers?  I am not likely to use much data during these interruptions - would mainly want it only to maintain email and to access a small number of websites if necessary (e.g. to pay bills online etc). Would not be doing any video streaming.  Having a separate, permanent pre-paid 4G/5G service is not a financially viable option when you only require it for short periods.