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5G Connection and Speed Issues

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Hi, I switched from NBN to 5G Home Broadband last month. I never experienced any connection problems with NBN but agreed to switch as I was promised much faster internet speed. Initially my internet speed improved from around 30mbps to as much as 170mbps! However, in the past couple of weeks there has been constant connection issues throughout the day and now the speed has dropped to less than 4mbps! If I had been given a truthful explanation that 5G was going to be so unreliable I never would have made the switch. Now I'm really regretting my decision.


Hi @AdamP


We'd like to analyze this further in order to provide proper resolution.


First, are you using a WiFi or a Wired connection? Have you tried relocating the modem/router near a window for better signal?

What troubleshooting have you tried so far?