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5G internet keeps dropping

Level 2
Level 2

Hi there, 


I switched to 5G Home broadband a few months ago, and persistent issues have plagued my experience - it keeps dropping and inferior speed. A prior fix was short-lived, and today I'm getting unacceptable speeds (17Mbps by TPG speed tester, ~2Mbps by Google's speed tester). I get pixelated streaming with buffering.


Attempts to contact support via phone (roughly 1-hour hold, got no response), online chat (landed in sales), and email (auto-reply said: "We aim to respond to all enquiries within four business hours") have been futile. I wonder if this is normal for TPG service.


I urgently need a resolution to the connectivity issues and improved customer support. Can I get some help?


Hi @cbb


We're here to help! There are many factors that can affect your service and we aim to check for any underlying issues that may cause these. 


Send us a private message and we'll go from there.