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Good day,
I have been a customer of TPG for many years and am currently having
problems getting a reliable internet connection daily.....it is
intermittent and unreliable.
I am paying $64.99 a month and using one of your ( TPG) modems which
was difficult to set up and we had to get a foxtel assistant to come
and assist with setting it all up.
Now I get the "Try 5G Home Broadband free for a month Promo" in the
mail twice in the last month but I am a bit dubious to try it due to
my past experiences having to be on the phone for hours on end over
and over again. As a pensioner I would like to use the cheaper 5G rate
of $49.99 a month but am a bit scared.....does anyone have any
suggestions to make my installment of a new Modem less painful when I
get around to applying for one.

John Haylen


We got you, John! The modem for the 5G Home Broadband is so easy to setup that you only have to plug it to a power outlet, connect your devices to the wifi network, and you're ready to go.


How to Set Up Your Home Wireless Broadband Modem and 5G Home Broadband Modem


You can send us a private message with your account details and let's check if the wireless broadband is available for you.







Level 3

That was not what happened when I selected to forgo the NBN and go just with TPG....My BIG error...



We'd like to have a better understanding of your internet needs so we can help find the best plan for you. 


Do you have any speed requirement? How many devices do you have at home?