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5g broadband extremly slow

Level 2

I had recently registered for the 5g broadband for my new apartment, and the internet is extremely slow, I am often getting 2mbps or 3mbps while paying for the 5g speed that I am supposed to have. It doesn't matter where I put the modem, is still awfully slow. I am only getting 100mbps for a minute or two and it is getting back to a signal digit again. I do understand that the speed varied but this is too ridiculous, the average speed I am getting is barely usable. Please advise me on what can I do use to get a stable and usable speed.


Hi @annie1003


There are many factors that can affect the 5G Home Broadband speed. You may read through this link for more info: Factors that may affect your Home Wireless Broadband connection


Let us have your TPG account number or username via private message so we can check how we can improve your speeds.