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5g home internet certain apps will not work

Level 2

Recently signed up to TPG home 5g internet in Apr 2024, was sent the Nokia Fastmile modem 


As soon as my mobile is connected to the home 5g Wifi, several apps will stop working, just will not load at all


These include: Realestate, caresales, weatherzone, Adelaide bank app


Whatsapp also informs me that it's being "blocked" and switching to mobile data instead 


As as soon as I turn off mobile wifi, and use mobile data, everything goes back to working 100%


Never had this issue before, this is obviously the new 5g internet blocking these apps.


please help! 

Level 3

IPv6 problems, that many of us are experiencing.


Put another router in between the TPG 5G modem and your devices, and disable IPv6 on it. Turn wifi off the 5G modem, and go through the new router. And all will be perfect. I'm weeks into a support call about this, I hope i get as far as network ops to get an explanation as to why they've let this go on for so long.

Level 2
Got the same issue. I'm with Vodafone and have the Sagecom modem.

Interesting to hear the Nokia has the same issue...

Don't really want to spend a hundred bucks on another router just to fix this issue for them.

Should be getting NBN available shortly so thinking I'll just switch to a fixed line.

Hi @lilyhe29,


Please send us a private message and we'll help get this sorted. 



Level 2
I am having the exact same issue as this. Extremely frustrating. Hope there is a solution which does not entail getting another router as you suggest.
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Same issues with me also, broadband 5g home internet Nokia modem, apps impacted: AFL, livescore, and I am also not able to initiate my MS Excel app, All those apps works fine on my mobile (Vodafone 5g). Just turn off and turn on the modem still not working, This is very frustrating, I also suspect I had issues on this with my MS Authenticator app. Anyone else still experiencing the same issue? TPG please do better.

We're here to help, @gdgd31. Send me a PM and we'll make sure you can access all the apps you need.

Level 2

I am having the exact same issues. My work authenticator will not work which means I can't access vpn and most work programs so have spent basically all day NOT working from home. Now I have to try and make up the hours or take the day as leave.

Also many apps such as the BOM and Technogym won't work along with various websites - can no longer buy ticketes on the Lott which is a good and bad thing!

This is a brand new 5G wirelss account with supplied Sagemoom moden. I really wish I hadn't changed providers