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5g wifi home, keeps dropping out

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I am north of Brisbane Hi, and seem to be sharing the same problem explained in this thread.

Multiple times dropping out, resorting to mobile hotspot when I unable to reconnect by restarting LAPTOP, TABLET, TV'S (x2) and GOOGLE CHROME. This used to occur weekly however now it is happening multiple times a day.

Rarely it reconnects independently, but usually it requires troubleshooting (restart modem) in settings and other times I need to switch off items, leave for 30 seconds or so then turn back on.

I have reset TV's, modem, computers (I have also updated any and all drivers in case this is the cause) but it continues to occur.

Reading through this and other threads there seems to be a real problem with the network or the modems you send out. Prior to the switch to the 5G modem this was not an issue but is becoming more frequent as time goes on with this new modem.



Hi @Debraandashley 


What troubleshooting have you tried so far aside from rebooting the modem/router?


What is the light status of the 5G device?