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How to Change NBN Plan Online via TPG My Account

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Need to change your NBN plan? This article is a step-by-step guide on how to change plans on your active NBN service via My Account.


Check out our video guide or follow the steps below.










To change your mobile plan check out this guide.


1. Log in to My Account at



 2. Under NBN Account Management, click Change your Plan



3. Re-enter your TPG username or Customer ID and password and click Next



 4. Select the box for I want to change my NBN plan and click Next




5. Choose the speed tier you prefer – NBN12 (Basic), NBN50 (Standard Plus), or NBN100 (Premium) and select the NBN Bundle you prefer:


Important: For the NBN12 S and SL Bundle, NBN50 SL Bundle, and the NBN100 SL Bundle, you have the option to include the Oz Talk Home Bundle Add-on for an extra charge of $10 a month. Tick the box for the Oz Talk Add-on if you would like to include this in your plan.


6. Click Next and follow the prompts to complete your plan change. You're done! You have now successfully changed your NBN plan.


You are able to change your TPG NBN plan as often you need, depending on the speed you want! For more information about our NBN plans, head over to

If you require further assistance, you can chat with our Plan Change Team at 


Level 3

Why when I am on a business bundle does change plan from my account take me to the personal plans? and does not allow me to upgrade from one business plan to another?



Hi @jeltz191,


We're sorry to hear about the trouble upgrading your account via online. 


We'd be happy to assist and help you to do a plan change for your business account. 


I would like to arrange a call back from our Plan Change officer to assist and discuss the plan that you wanted. PM us you preferred time and number of contact and we'll be on touch. Thank you. 



Level 2

NBN plan change impossible for me]


Hi Ahra,   I saw you responded to few queries for plan changes. I am not able to upgrade mine from NBN12 to NBN50, been trying from last 1 week. Online portal throws error and email to plan change tean has no response. Can you please help me at the earliest?   Username: 6188830   Thanks Soumen 0447932242

Hi @6188830,


We're truly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.


Due to precautionary measures to protect our staff from the COVID-19 outbreak, TPG’s telephone support team members are also transitioning to working from home hence the delay in our responses as well as support but please be assured that we are doing our best to still provide assistance for our customers:


For quickest resolution, you may also chat directly with the department that you wish to speak with by visiting this link:





Level 2

Hi Agra,
Thanks for prompt reply but plan change is not done yet. What is the turnaround time?


Hi @6188830


Your request has now been received by our Provisioning Team and should be in touch for pertinent updates. 


Note: WE have modified your post as it contains your personal information. 


For further assistance, feel free to search community for help or chat with us at  




Level 4

I recently changed plans from NBN50 to NBN100 and got an email to confirm it. But I am still getting NBN50 speeds, nothing has changed. I have factory reset the roputer and everything, nothing and I can not use your chat as I can't even get in the queue to wait.


Please help, it has been over a week now since the plan change!

Level 2

Not sure why you are asking us to go online for a chat when the chat team are unable to help with a plan change and direct us to email direclty. I am still waiting for a responce to upgrade my plan after going through the chat channel and directed to send email to

Level 2

Not sure if the mail id provided is actually montioned as I am still awaing a responce to upgrade my plan for over 4 days now