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ADSL 2+ Connection Speed dropped well below the standard speeds

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Over the past week i have seen my ADSL 2+ speeds drop to unacceptable levels that are now causing severe latency issues with online gaming and general internet usage.  Prior to this time frame i was sitting at 18 Mbps and no i am bearly getting 4 Mbps.


I have run through various power cycling tests, reset my modem configuation and disconnected all devices apart from the main PC and nothing has improved.  Below is a speed test of my current connection.


Speed Test:


Can I please have someone investigate.


Hi @aparakh,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and have run some remote test.


We were able to detect a possible fault on the line which caused this issue, but can't verify if it's internal or external copper wiring.


I will arrange a call from our Tech team today between 5PM to 6PM as we need you to be at home to perform some test. We will use the mobile number that we have on file. If you have an updated number to be contacted, please shoot me a private message for us to update it.


Kind regards,


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Thank you BasilDV,

I have sent you a pm with my contact details.

Thank you for providing your details via PM, @aparakh.


Our request has been acknowledged by our Tech team and will be in touch between 5PM - 6PM today.


Kind regards,