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ADSL 2+ Slow Speed - Connells Point (Blakehurst exchange)

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Hi there,

I've been getting very slow browsing and download speeds for the past week or so. Tried hard resets to the router and still not getting any luck.

Speed test suggets i'm getting ping of 211ms / Dowload of 1.1mbps / Upload of 0.35mbps

This is about half my usual speed.

I'm located in Connells Point where my exchange is Blakehurst.

Can someone please kindly advise if there is a potential issue within my area and next steps please?



Hi @Fuman42


Welcome to the Community. 


Are you able to PM us your account details so we can check the status of the connection?


We're determined to help get to the bottom of this. We'll wait for your response. 


Thank you.


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Thanks RiezIM,

Details sent via PM.

I've done the usual reboot of the hardware and checked filters arpund the house as well but nothing seems to work. I can't even stream youtube without heavy buffering atm. This happened right after the really hot day so not sure if external issues affecting things like the exchange might have played a factor. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Fuman42,


The issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team and a TPG technician has been booked on Friday, 12/January/2018 between 3PM and 5PM to further investigate.


Please be advised that you will receive a call from the technician 30 minutes prior to the visit.

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Hi, I've had my 3rd technician visit today and although the speed was fixed for an hour it reverted back to download speeds of 0.5mpbs later.


I've escalated the ticket #8124444 with the helpdesk again, can someone kindly advise if there is an update please as it's close to 3 weeks now without useable internet.




Hi @Fuman42,


We've managed to check the update on your escalated case and it shows here that our Engineering team is currently re-assessing your issue. All of the line test that we got from the field technician are passing and within specification.


I'll send a follow-up email to the Engineer handling your case and will request for a call to discuss this further.




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Hi Mc_Gerald,

Thanks for you response.

I called again today for a quick update and I wasn't able to get a full understanding of the issue other than something to do with the copper wiring and an escalation process to change my current connection? 

Are you kindly able to detail exactly what the engineering team have found and what the proposed solution is please? Purpose being that if another technician needs to be called to my premise to get this fixed I will need to organise yet another day off work to make myself available for the appointment.




Hi @Fuman42,


I sent you a Private Message.


We will raise this and make a follow up on this to our Engineering Team and request for urgent feedback within the day.