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how do I save e mails after 45 days

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How do you access your TPG emails? By logging in to tpg website?

If you use an email program you can get that program to download emails from tpg and you will be able to keep all emails as long as you want and until you fill up the disk!

TPG has a "how-to" for configuring email applications to connect to the tpg email server.



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@drbob is correct.


Using our Post Office via TPG website, the emails will be automatically deleted after 45 days. However, you can save those emails once you use an email client for example: Mozilla ThunderBird, Microsoft Outlook, Windows 10 mail, MAC Mail, etc.


Using the said email clients, you will be able to Download the emails that you've received from our TPG mail server so you will be able to keep them.


Here are the settings that you need to put in case you will be using an email client.




Here's the link for more information.


Should you require any assistance, please let us know.


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