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ADSL2+ Speed Drop

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I've had ADSL2+ for about 2 months now and its been working well at speeds around 8Mbps or higher. A couple of days ago, however, it dropped to about 2/2.5Mbps average for pretty much all my devices (phone, tablet, PS4), including my hardwired pc.  
Just wondering if there's something I can do to get it back up to 8?





Good day @alberto,


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We were able to pull up your account using your Community details and have run some remote test. We were able to detect a possible fault on the line which needs to be investigated by our Engineering team.


We've escalated the case to them and a possible Telstra technician will be requested to help us rectify the issue. Further updates will be given by them within 24 to 48 hours.


Kind regards,