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I switched to TPG NBN broadband in late 2016 and picked the NBN 25 Mbps plan for $69.99 /month. I recently found out the $69.99 plan has upgraded to Fast (nbn50). I am on the same price plan but the highest download speed I can get is 23 Mbps. For this reason, I want to know if my current plan (NBN FTTN SL Bundle Boost) is still that original plan.


Sorry for bad English.


Hi UR666


Welcome to TPG Community! 


I've managed to locate an account using your Community details and have seen that your current plan is still under the Boost (nbn25) plan. 


Should you wish to have it upgraded, I can organise a call back to be made from our Plan Change Team in order to provide you with more information about the Fast (nbn50) plan. 


Kindly let us know which time is best for you to receive a call as well as if the mobile number we have on file ending in XXXXXX7747 is the best one to contact you.





Level 1c

Thanks for replying.


I want to upgrade to the $69.99 fast NBN(50) plan. Contacting via phone is inconvenient for me, so I am more perferring to upgrade my plan through the internet (e.g. TPG account, email), if can do so.




Good day, UR666


You may follow the steps below should you prefer to upgrade your plan online: 


  1. Log in in using your username and password at "My Account" (
  2. Under NBN Account Management, click on "Change your Plan"
  3. Re-enter your username and password and click "Next"
  4. Click the box for "I want to change my NBN plan" and click "Next"
  5. Click the speed tier that you prefer (Standard "nbn12", Fast "nbn50", Superfast "nbn100")
  6. Click the NBN Bundle that you prefer:

               "nbn12" choices are S, M, SL, XL, and XXL

               "nbn50" choice is only SL
               "nbn100" choices are SL and XXL


     Important: For the "nbn12" S and SL Bundle, "nbn50" SL Bundle, and the "nbn100" SL Bundle, you have the option to include the Oz Talk Home Bundle Add-on for an extra charge of $10 a month. You may tick the box for the Oz Talk Add-on should you decide to include it in your plan.


     7. Click "Next" and follow the prompts for the succeeding steps 


You may visit this link to learn more about our NBN plans:


Feel free to let us know should any assistance be needed.