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ADSL2+ is slow (both wifi and hardwired)

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I recently moved in a flat in Concord and got a new connection from TPG (ADSL2+ unlimited, $59.99 per month. Area has no NBN yet.


I get only 5mbps max download speed for (ookla) - with some drops down to 1-2 mbps. I get the same speeds for both wifi and hardwired connections - across a range of devices from iphone, to macbook, to PS4. Sometimes, I get even slower speeds when hardwired compared to wifi! I am using Netgear D7000 dual band (2.4G, 5.0G) modem router, which was a bit pricey. Basically, I am wondering if I can do anything to improve my 5 mbps connection.


To start off, my distance from the exchange (Burwood) is 1343m (line of sight) and 1920m (possible cable distance). From TPG's maps, average download speed around the area is 10-11 mbps. I am getting half of that. I tried tweaking some router settings, like changing "auto" to ADSL2 only. That improved the stability of the speed - less dropouts, but not the speed itself.


For my router data, please see below:



Connection speed: 6849 kbps

Line attenuation: 36.0 db

Noise margin: 5.4 db



Connection speed: 1020 kbps

Line attenuation: 16.8 db

Noise margin: 9.3 db


The plan I got from TPG does not come with a phone since I don't need it, so I can't check for any static noise in the line. My router is updated with the latest firmware.


Please advise. I would really appreciate it!





Hi @kebinet,


Welcome to the community.


We'd like to see what's going on with your connection. To better understand the situation. Kindly PM me your account details (username/customer ID or contact number associated with the account)


I'll have this checked.




Hi @kebinet,


Thanks for sending us your account details. We'll run inital tests on your connection and get back to you as soon as we have the results.




Hi @kebinet,


We will arrange one of our Technicians to call you within the day for further tests and investigation using your given contact number.





Hi @kebinet,


One of our Technicians tried to contact you earlier unfortunately no avail. Please let us know your best contact number and we'll have it rescheduled.





Hi @kebinet,


Thanks for sending your preferred time via PM. We have advised our Technicians Team to call you on your given time frame. We'll talk to you later.



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I'm frustrated...sent email today 19/12/17

To anyone who gives a ** - preferably brought to the attention of CEO/GM/ TPG Tog Dog/Cat


I have had TPG internet now for many years and in recent times I have called to complain about the quality of this service.


Without doubt I can assure you the internet has become Prime Rubbish/Grade A Crap on par with such as AIS or True Vision in Thailand, having used them now for several years...but now changed to 3BB which is far superior to the service from TPG.....SADLY.


So back to TPG


I'm bored with hearing the bull** responses from TPG staff.  The fact is the internet we pay for here is much slower than it used to be.


Doesn't matter whether using wifi or the desk-top wired/cabled to the modem.....IT"S BLOODY SLOW, especially late arvo, night time.


Or...DNS server not responding.  Hotspot from my phone via telstra is much quicker.


I need better internet service so please advise if there is an issue that can be resolved or this is going to be a continuing problem with TPG and I will find a solution/provider.


Hi @greggo57,


Welcome to TPG Community!


I was able to pull up your account using your Email and detected that your modem is receiving a passing speed from our server. With a Downstream of around 10 Mbps and Upstream of around 1 Mbps.


You can also try the troubleshooting in this link to resolve the issue.


If you are using Wi-Fi connection, you can also improve its connection by following the steps in here.


Keep us posted on what will happen and let's see if what we can do further.