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ASUS ZenWifi Pro xt12 setup

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Hello all


I'm on HFC and could use some help in setting up the zenwifi xt12 router via the arris cm8200.

it appears the internet connection isn't working after the network is set up, (red led on the ASUS router). 

any guidance most welcome.




Hi @EiBro ,


Could you post the current settings of ASUS router? Note, You need to configure your device to be a router only with the VLAN ID 2. If not, then you may use your device as an access point instead.





Level 2

Hi there @Shane - thanks for your swift response.

Steps taken: 

Auto install via the Asus Router app fails

Manual setting allows to select TPG as ISP profile  from dropdown menu 

Creates a wifi network succesfully 

Router requests to join network but fails to connect to the internet 


WAN setting: WAN IP

Wan settings DHCP (options are DHCP, PPPoE, Static IP) 


Router settings:

Auth: Http/Https

LAN port 80/8443

Operation mode  Router mode 

WAN Connection Type DHCP


whilst logiing in via the router IP the internet status: "Your ISP's DHCP does not function properly" 



What other options do you have on 'Operation Mode' ? Could you check if there is a VDSL2+ connection/operation mode? This will give you the option to enter your TPG credentials.

Level 15

Hi @EiBro . In WAN Connection Type, try PPPoE. Then enter username and password.

Operation mode is Wireless Router mode.

You can also try using None as ISP profile.

Regarding VLAN ID, if you are on Bundled NBN/VOIP plan (even if you don't use a phone), you need to set VLAN ID=2. If data only plan, VLAN ID is not used.

Is Asus replacing some other router? Check its config regarding VLAN ID.

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Hi @Shane @david64 

The options are 


Wireless Router mode (Default) - sub menu Automatic IP/PPoE/Static IP/PTTP/L2TP - i've now entered my TPG credentials UN/PW 

Repeater mode

Access (AP) mode

Media Bridge 



There's no specific VLAN setting - Asus FAQ ( suggests LAN -> VLAN - but there's no such option in the webgui  - HOWEVER when I changed the  LAN_IPTV tab to include TPG (see attached)  the WAN was activated and all is hunky dory. I'm unsure how I reached this point..



Hi @EiBro 


We'd like to confirm if you are under the NBN bundled service or NBN data only service.


Kindly send us a private message with your account details.