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Archer VR1600v internet connection dropping out

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Nearly everyweek, there will be a time, when all my phones, laptops and desktop (physical connection to router) would complain that internet is not working. I am able to open the local network device and the router page. Router page also shows internet is down in network topology. But when I restart the TP link router without restarting the NBN modem, my internet starts working again.

At the time of connection, I had requested TPG if they can offer a good router even if I have to pay the price but there was no options available. My question now is if TPG can release a list of better routers which can support NBN with a phone connection.


I am looking for Asus, Netgear or Xiaomi routers which can replace this TP link router. Any suggestions or links are welcome.


Hi @tarangoyal 


The phone service that is bundled with the NBN is not going to work with a third party modem/router.


Any modem/router that you'll choose should work with NBN as long as you can set the PPPoE and VLAN ID to 2. We don't have any lists of the best modem/router to use, but you may check other forums like whirlpool.


Let us know if you need further assistance.