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Archer VR1600v v1 - lights no showing but still working

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Hi team, hope you can help. 


I have a TPG provided Archer VR1600v1 router that has been playing up a little as in drops Internet from time to time both WLAN and LAN.    Doesn't seem to be a pattern to it and while it normally recovers after 30-60 seconds its very annoying given streaming video and resets the stream. 


Today, following an increasingly frequent reboot of the router - the LED patterns came up as normal while booting.  

After this ALL the LED lights turned off, but the router is still on and my laptop still connected (with Internet connectivity).   10 mins later or so, just one LED (phone) is illuminated but I've still got Intrenet connectivty. 


I was thinking about replacing the router/modem but read on other posts that if you replace with 3rd party you lose the VoIP so that's not really an option.   Ideas.    Not sure if TPG have new / better modems? 



Hi @preacher


Thanks for raising this to our attention.


You are correct. The bundled VoIP service will not work with a third party modem/router as the SIP settings is embedded in firmware of the provided one.


The current modem/router is out of its 12 Month warranty. You may purchase a new modem/router, but the make and model will be TP-Link Archer VR1600.

It will cost you $99.95 for the device + $10 shipping fee.


If you agree, please send me a PM with your shipping details for us to forward the order.