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Attempting to get assistance to change plans

Level 2
Level 2
Have attempted twice for online chat for support today - waiting for over an hour each time only to have query closed infront of my eyes with no opporntunity to respond.
So frustrating!!!
I currently have an ADSL plan and am looking to upgrade plan to meet increased data needs now kids are home studying. Looking for assistance to clarifty details of current plan (peak / off peak data allowance and speed) and if ADSL2 is available at my location (to hopefully speed things up a bit)
Unfortunately can't get NBN even though houses 100m down the street have it.
Please can you help me, once I know the details I can upgrade my plan online.
Level 3


       There are some instructions in this link to ascertain what plan you have.

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You can check you plan via My Account.

Log in to My Account at




Select Plan and Contract Details.

You can also Change Your Plan.


There's also NBN and ADSL2+ coverage maps (at bottom of page). You can check your address.