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I am frustrated with such bad services of TPG. The reported issues are not getting properly escalated. NBN Technicians are visiting for the 6th time to fix the internet but every time they fix, it breaks in no time. I had applied leave from my work due to these NBN technicians and  could not even do work from home as I did not even have internet at my home. NBN technician Mr Chris had visited once after the specific time frame [arrived at 1 pm and he was supposed to visit between 8 am - 12 pm]. He struggled for 3 hours till 4 pm and could not even fix. Again same technician visited on 11th Dec at 8 am and left after fixing the internet temporarily. Another two NBN technicians visited on 24th Nov 2018 and fixed some wired outside the premises but broke the internet again. Mr Charles from TPG engineering [claimed to be a supervisor] had told me that he would appoint one dedicated resource for monitoring the service of my home. But it was a big lie. Some ticket details are as given below:1.TPG ticket #89694752.TPG ticket #90089183.TPG ticket #9028920 Most number of days without internet are as given below:1. 6th Dec to 11th Dec 20182. 14th Dec to 19th Dec 2018 Please answer my questionsSmiley Tonguelease provide a full report of the above mentioned tickets about the resolution.How do I escalate this kind of service to higher management?I want to claim for the compensation and I have called several times but no one is calling me back and everyone is lying that someone will be calling me back.Why is the service getting broken very frequently?


Hi @ujjalroy1,


We understand your frustration and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.


While we will endeavor to make the service available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the service is not fault free and we cannot guarantee uninterrupted service. There are many factors outside of our control which affect the services, such as but not limited to; the performance of third party suppliers and equipment and force majeure events.


I can see that you have lodged a complaint to our Customer Relations team. As part of our complaints process, a Complaints Resolution Case Manager has been assigned as a sole point of contact and will be attempting to reach your contact information to discuss the concerns raised and work towards resolution.

Your compliance officer sent you an e-mail today regarding your complaint. Should you have any other query regarding your complaint, please do not hesitate to contact your compliance officer directly via return mail. As for the escalated ticket, an appointment has been booked on 19 December 2018, between 8AM - 12PM in which I've seen that you already agreed to.


Let us know if we can be of further assistance.


Kind regards,


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Hi Basil,

Thanks for your kind words.
My background is from networking domain. I understand completely and agree with the points/ facts that a network may go down or may have some cable cut or natural disasters. But my concern is about the resolution and the fixes. Please do not put the blames on each other's infra structure like NBN mentioned about TPG and TPG had indicated about the NBN network. Earlier I had ADSL and I did not have to call any technician and worked like a charm without any interruption for the last year. All these problems started as I switched to NBN. Within one month I had faced so many interruptions and please check the history of the service from your end to verify the duration of the continuous service.
According to me what I have a feel that the fixes which have been done are very temporary and so I am facing every time the same issues. Please take your time and most importantly try to do the root cause analysis and apply a permanent fix which lasts longer rather than fixing it in no time and as a result it will break soon. 
Please consider some points like as NBN/TPG technicians visit my place I had to apply leave from my work and I could not even do work from home because I would not have any internet. I request you to escalate to the proper management so that the fixes are done and monitored properly and I have tried to escalate but in vain. 
Today NBN technician name Mr Mac visited my premises and fixed. He mentioned that someone had used my port. So is any one from NBN doing all these stupidity or any other so parties?
Please consider the compensation and let me know. 
I am happy to communicate with my assigned compliance officer and will definitely update the status and my concerns.

We'll make sure that your feedback will be taken into account as part of our ongoing effort to provide the best possible customer service.


We'll pass this on to our Complaints Resolution Team and you will be contacted by the case manager within 24 hours to discuss the status of the compensation request.


Should you have further queries, feel free to message us. Thank you.

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