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On Superfast 200/25 plan.  Pipe is HTTC.  Looks like it may be worth upgrading plan to Ultrafast 250/50 plan.

Re-sign for 6 months at $115 per month rate.

My question is what is the garantee that this upgrade will not be throttled.  Looked at a number of posts and seems that throttling occurs for plans 100 and up.  


With my setup seeing similar results.  100-.  Then power cycle the modem/router and then goes back to 200+.



Note with speed test, upload, page needs to be in-focus for accurate reading.  A lot of forum posts complain about low upload dribble.
Auto reboot 3am set  22-2-2022
0426.  85. 22
0907.  63. 18
1057.  75.  21
1228.  50.  18
1737.  80.  21
1748.  85.  22
2155   98   22
0311.   12.     1
0312.   10.     2
0326.    22.  20
0328.      8.     0
0329.      8.     1
fell asleep lol
0336.      9.     1
router switch off/on
0340.    62.     1
0341.      3.     1
0342.    76.   22
0343.    79.   22
power points off/on modem/router
0347.    68.    1
0348.    13.  13
0408.     51.  14
0423.     62.  21
0427.     64.  16
0824.     62.    4
0940.     24.   11
0942.     41.   11
0942.   108.   20.   Work VPN
1129.      34.   10
1129.    102.   21.   Work VPN
1700     187    23 LAN - eth connected
1701       41   15    phone
Issue with wifi side now,  will reboot router manually after work.
router button off/on'd
1712     205    22  LAN - eth connected
1713     119    22  phone wifi
>> surprise surprise!   QoS = reboot !

Hi @garythomann13


Thanks for raising this with us.


We are 100% sure that we do not throttle our customers broadband service.


As you've advised, the speed of your connection will go back to normal after you reboot the modem/router.

If we throttle the service, then even rebooting will not resolve the speed issue.


You may also check the QoS feature of the modem/router that you are using to make sure that it is set to accommodate the current speed plan.



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Thanks @BasilDV  for the reply.  How does one check the QoS (Quality of Service) setting on the tplink VX420-G2v router supplied by TPG ? 

I had a good look around and a bit of googling but nada.



Hi garythomann13,

The VX420-G2v do not have QoS feature. But you may check the current sync speed of the modem/router for reference under 'Status' page and 'Advanced' Tab.

Let me know should you require further assistance.




Thanks @BasilDV  for the reply.  How does one check the QoS (Quality of Service) setting on the tplink VX420-G2v router supplied by TPG ? 

I had a good look around and a bit of googling but nada.


Level 6

Cable not DSL.


0515   250.  22.  Phone wifi
0823.     86.  22.  
1014.     71.  22
1034    157   21  LAN - eth connected
1035      81   21
1039    188   22  LAN - eth connected
1040      54   19

> all my tests are telling me is:
1) downgrade DOWN to 100
2) upgrade  UP to more
+ time to phone accounts and talk turkey
- 100/40 has been mentioned 
- still curious to upgrade plan to 250/50 (Ultraf..t) to see if some plans are more equal than others as regards to stability :}
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There is no such thing as stability with TPG, they cut down costs by employing 3rd world slave labor call centres, don't expect them to know anything you are talking about
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Hi Marko - Thanks for the message and support.  Problem what other choice is there?  At the moment hanging in there because there will be a history on the tpg database.  Though that might work against me Smiley Happy  

What other choice is there but the two largest players; telstra and tpg.  Even with starlink the latency might be an issue at the moment.  NBN via DSC did fix the faulty coax connections which was a win.

All the best 

Level 3
Try aussiebroadband, Im with them at my other property and they are amazing.
I'm in the process of cancelling TPG and what should be as simple as a click, has taken them 3 days and counting
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Thanks @markoj1308  for your message and suggestion.  Much appreciated.


Level 6

Answer to Jack on old thread which I will cross link here and post as is relevant.



An update on my situation.  The modem I am using is  TP-Link VX420-G2v


I used to have the Archer (TP-Link VR1600v) but at the time (on another thread) was having flaky dropouts.  My setup is HFC (coax cable).  The Datastream Communications guys (sub contracted by either TPG (or NBN via TPG)) fixed the issue by cutting and reconnecting the coax cable endpoints both in the home and out in the street pit box which resolved the issue.


Further dropouts were experienced but of a different nature (longer and more on/off, 1-9 minutes)

This has been resolved but with no explaination given.  I think NBN hand does not know what TPG hand is doing and visa versa Smiley Happy  


Because the TP-Link VX420-G2v can handle the higher speeds and there is a TPG plan for it I have just upgraded to the Ultrafast (250/50) plan to see how the 'pipe's performs.  See how this goes and down grade if it makes sense to a couple of months later.


I hope this information and update helps you.  A bit of patience is needed to resolve any issues and probably with the floods etc there may be a lot of problems with the NBN network at the moment and for a while yet.


Another thought with your regular dropout might be a router reset (reboot) fired either from the router software or TPG server to try and reset the line.  Who knows.

The TP-Link VX420-G2v router software has this ability which I have set to 3am to rejig the router once a day.  Probably not needed now as things running smoothly or running smoothly because of the 3am reboot Smiley Happy


My current bug-bear is the speeds during the day.  And that will be another thread in the future related to the recent plan upgrade.


Ultrafast (250/50) Throttle Throttled Throttling