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Cannot Send Email Rejected by the Server/Banned from using SMTP

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Hi @tezza , you can send a us a private message with the email address you are having issue with so we can coordinate this matter with our Postmaster.


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community

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I emailed the postmaster and the problem was fixed quite quickly and thunderbird now sends email ok. No idea what was done but thanks for prompt attention .


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I have changed the password on all accounts and clients. I have 2 problems listed here.

1. I am sending mails from overseas not Australia. Why is this  a problem when I have advised TPG I am o/seas  and purchased roaming for my phone connected to this account?  

2. I am sending mail lists that apparently look like SPAM ...whats the point of having an email account that will not allow me to send group mailings?  Never thadthis problem in the past  So it the real reason the #1 different cojntry? . I have been tying to solve this problem for days.

Cannot send out either from my online post office or computer.


Hi @ChrisM1


I'd recommend to send an email to our Postmaster ( for further assistance.


Regardless of the country, you should still be able to log in to Post Office as it is a web based email service (e.g gmail, yahoo, hotmail)


Please ensure to include the error you are getting.