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Cannot connect to company VPN

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Hi all,


After switching to TPG I can't connect to my company VPN network via Cisco Anyconnect Client, it's always failing at activating VPN adapter.


when I'm connecting to Telstra's mobile network I have no issues.


Is TPG blocking any VPN connction? (




Hi @foxlovecc,


Does your VPN connection require a static IP address?


If yes, then it will not work since we provide a Dynamic IP address for our TPG NBN service.


Kind regards,


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I have similar problem where i cannot connect to my work VPN using TPG Network. I am on TPG NBN. When i hotspot my Mobile network to laptop, then I can connect without any issues. 


I can see your reply about dynamic and static ip adderss. Can changing from dynamic to static IP address help ? If so, will TPG be able to provide Static IP adderss. 


Please provide a solution as I have been struggling for past few months now. 






Hi @SuTe


We don't provide static IP address for Residential accounts, but we do have them for NBN business accounts.


However, the most likely reason as to why your are unable to use your work VPN is due to the modem/router's firewall. You may need to open the ports required for the VPN. To know what ports to open, you may need to check with your company's IT support. Once you have the information, you can then perform Port Forwarding.


Here are some guides that you can follow:

Port Forwarding on the TP Link VR1600V

Port Forwarding on the TP Link C1200




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I have been having the same issue. VPN connection to work drops out for days at a time. 
I have been told my my IT dept that we cannot port forward and that static / dynamic should both work fine. However my issue persists. I have been told that TPG only offer static IP addresses for business accounts. Somehow this is not a solution to the problem at hand. 
I would like to know how did you  solve this on your end? Are you  still with TPG?