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Microsoft Direct Access VPN not working with TPG broad band

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I have problem connnecting to my office network via Microsoft Direct Access VPN, if I connect to Mobile network it can connect withoug any probloem, only when connected with TPG borad band it does not work, I suspect this is because how the static IP assigned by routing to one of 10.20.x.x private range in TPG network, I have searched on internet and found below link which look like similer problem as my.


Please do not heisate to contact if you need more information.


Kind Regards

Jalpesh Mehta


Hi @mehtajalpesh ,

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Does your VPN requires specific configuration with the modem/router to work? If yes, please include it on this thread for reference.

Note: We do not have reference with any 3rd party VPN.


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Hi Shane,


Thank you very much for quick responce, with Micrsoft Direct Access VPN there are no configuration needed at Client end, it will automatically connect to remote end when it is connected to internet and not in office network.

As I have previously mentioned, when I connect with my Mobile data (TPG) it works without any problem, only problem when connected via home broadband connection.

I would suspect it is because how my connection is routed through 10.20 network, as my routers route table router everything from 10.20.x.x network which may be conflicting with our office network which has similer range in our network.


Kind  Regards,

Jalpesh Mehta


Hi @mehtajalpesh,


We're able to locate your account using your community details and ran an initial test, result shows no issues with the service.

You may need to contact the support of your VPN provider to check the service or if there's configuration that needs to be done to resolve the issue. You may advise them to check the ports that need to be open for the service to work properly.


Note: Even though TPG do not block the use of any VPN. The configuration and troubleshooting should be handled by your own VPN provider.



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HI Shan


As I have informed there are no client side configuration needed for Microsoft Direct Access, it automatically connects no configuration needed, also when I connect the laptop with TPG mobile data it connects without any problem this suggested that there is something differant on my TPG home bordband connection.


Please read below links if you have time those are related to my problem and solution.


Informaiton reagarding Direct Access.


Same problem as my which was solved by UK's ISP by changing the configuration of the Brodband static connection to dynamic connection.


Kind Regards,

Jalpesh Mehta


Hi @mehtajalpesh,


We are unable to view the community link that you've provided due to restrictions.


We'd like analyze this further.


As you've said that you are able to use the Microsoft Direct Access when you are using your Mobile data with TPG. We just want to clarify if you are using a Laptop/computer to tether with your Mobile or are you using your Mobile phone itself to work the MDA?


Was it working fine before or it is the first time you've used the MDA?


Our ADSL2+ service is set to have a static IP, changing it to Dynamic is not possible, unless you'll upgrade to our TPG NBN service. We've checked your address and the NBN technology is available for you.


Here's an article that will guide you on choosing the best NBN plan.


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