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Cannot use port forwarding on TPG modem VX220-G2v

Level 3
That is what I did. But the sales haven’t given me further response, waiting for their product team’s confirmation. It has been one month. So I try to find any clue from the community.

@haolle . You can send a private message to a moderator but that might only be another path to what you've already done.

I don't know anything about a portal although mention is made of a thing called "Frontier". 

What sort of port configuration are you hoping it can do?

Level 3

@david64 If I have the port configuration function is not important as long as TPG can unblock any port as required. I run web servers, email server and other applications. So I need to unblock some specific ports whenever an application requires.

Many thanks for your advice and sharing your knowledge.


Hey @haolle, we'd like to get you in touch with our Business Products Team to have a chat about our NBN plans, and how port forwarding will work on them.


If you send me a PM, I'll grab your details and pass them on 😊