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We've been with Chariot for many years, and with NBN via FTTN now in our area are looking to go/stay with TPG for that service.


We have a single account with Chariot with 3 email addresses, the original account address plus two personal ones, and our email accounts setup to deliver these as we want.


To take up a TPG NBN plan, will we retain these 3 Chariot email addresses? If so, what do we have to do in the application process to make this happen?


One email addy is our username for various services and sites so it would be a real PITA to have to change addresses :-)




Hi @TechHead123,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We'd like to look into your Chariot accounts for us to provide more information with the process.


Please shoot me a private message with your account details.


Kind regards,

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PM sent.


Thank you for sending the details via PM, @TechHead123.


I checked the account and unfortunately, the Chariot email addresses can't be transferred to TPG since it will still use their server. However, you can turn them into Email only account for it to remain active.


You may contact them directly on 1300 137425 or Email them at


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OK on the assumption that Chariot may disappear or change at some point in the future, it may be best to bite the bullet and change to TPG email, rather than have to maintain a separate Chariot mail only account.


When we apply for the TPG NBN service, will we be able to have two TPG email addresses on the one account i.e. one for me and one for my wife, so that we can set up our email software on separate  PCs to access only our respective email, as we currently do with Chariot?


Hi @TechHead123,


You can create a total of 19 additional Slave email address. Slave email is a separate account that has it's own inbox. Aside from your main TPG account.


Here's how to create a slave account :


1. Go to
2. Log on using the main account and the appropriate password.
3. Look for Email Management. Click Manage Your Email Accounts.
4. Click Add Slave User.
5. Enter your desired username and password. Click Create Account.

6. The slave email will have an option to change the password by logging in to


Let me know should you have further queries.


Kind regards,

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Outstanding; thanks for your help.


You're welcome, Should you require further assistance, please let us know.