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Hi there,

I’m using TPG C1200 modem. I recently created my new account with TPG and joined a new plan, my new house mate has moved out and he never cancelled the plan so I had to create a new account on top his current one.

I’m am still using the the same modem provided by TPG 3 years ago. Now this new wifi plan is under my name, how do I make sure the modern recognise my account. Do I need reset the modem ?

Hi @valeriet1, welcome to TPG Community!


First, you have to make sure that the service under your name has been activated. You should get an email notification once the activation is complete. Next, you have to configure your modem with your TPG details. Here's how to setup the TP-LINK C1200 modem: How to set up TP-LINK C1200 modem


If you need further help, you can send us a private message with your details so we can look into your account and go from there.